All of our mulch is made on site at our South Street location. By making the mulch ourselves, we know exactly what goes into every batch.

Why should you mulch your gardens? Here are some reasons:

– Controls Weeds
– Retains Moisture
– Prevents Soil Erosion
– Polishes up Garden


Pine Mulch

Pine mulch is made from pure pine bark and it is double ground. It has no added coloring, and is all natural. It is a chocolate brown color.


Hemlock Blend Mulch

Hemlock blend mulch is made from hemlock bark and pine bark. These two barks are blended together with a red coloring.


Black Mulch

Black mulch is pine bark mulch that has a black coloring added to it. This mulch is a dark black in color.


Premium Hemlock

Premium Hemlock much is made from pure hemlock bark and is double ground. It has no added coloring, and is all natural. This mulch is a rusty brown in color, and has a nice smell.


Spruce Mulch

The Spruce mulch is made from spruce bark, with no added coloring. This mulch is a lighter brown color and has a nice smell.


Playground Chips

The playground chips are certified kid safe wood chips. They are tested based on particle size, consistency, purity, ability to drain. They are clean chips that are safe to use for playgrounds and under swing sets.