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Our History

In 2004, PJ Hayes bought and opened Southridge Farm & Nursery. We had no power, no running water and a trailer that the previous owner used as a office. We started off just taking in yard waste (brush and leaves) for a small fee. The first Saturday we were open we had just 1 customer dumping 1 yard of brush. Fast forward a few years and we started processing all the yard materials that we were getting in. Turning brush into grindings, leaves into compost, and soil into screened loam. Taking unusable yard waste and turning into a product that is usable was our niche. Little by little we started offering more services and upgrading our property. In 2018 we moved into our new building and storefront. With all of this new retail space we were unsure of how to fill it, but with time we filled the space!

southridge about us
southridge about us

Why Choose Us?

Family Owned

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What's In Our Yard?

We now currently offer everything you need for your yard. We sell mulch, loam, compost, decorative stone, kiln dried firewood and have the capability to deliver it all to your house. We also import all of our granite and bluestone for hardscape projects. Over the years we have listened to our customers and what was needed, and we did our best to deliver. Recently, with a local legendary feed store (Gilmores) going out of business, we have started selling animal grain, feed, hay and bird food. We cater to both contractors & home owners and are always looking for suggestions for ways to improve or new products to sell. Our goal is to continue to grow and gain new customers and get the word out of who we are and the products and services we offer. We appreciate every sale and we like to form long lasting relationships with our customers. We hope you come by and check us out! 

southridge farms
southridge farms