Kiln Dried Firewood

Is Kiln Dried Firewood really worth the extra money?

Why choose Kiln Dried?

  • Bug Free
  • LOW moisture level ( 10%-12%)
  • No mildew or mold
  • Easy lighting
  • Clean and efficient burning
  • Lighter and easier to handle
  • Can be stored inside

Discover the difference for yourself!

Our Kiln:

We have been making kiln dried firewood for the last 5 years. Recently we updated our system to a brand new, custom built Kiln. It took over 5 months to be built and delivered from North Carolina. This kiln can produce up to 12 cords in just 48 hours. It burns wood chips as an energy source to dry the wood. We love reusing and recycling material here- so this goes hand in hand with our company. We are taking a product that nobody wants (brush, stumps) grinding it into wood chips, and then using those woodchips to create energy to be able to dry firewood. Because this firewood has such a low moisture level, it is ideal for it to be stored inside a garage or in a shed to prevent it from getting wet.