Southridge Farm and Nursery cares about the environment, and we do our best to give back.

Save money and help the planet.

Don’t overpay your trash collector to come take your gardening waste away. Instead, bring it to our convenient Walpole location and let us recycle it! You’ll save money and will be doing a good thing for our planet when you choose to recycle your organic yard waste and stone. Do your part for a greener future!

We take in yard waste, and process it into something that can be used. We currently take in: leaves, grass, brush, stumps, concrete, asphalt, woodchips and fill. All of these items can be dumped at our 399 South Street location for a small fee. We ask that they are all separated, and for all trash to be removed.

Ever wonder how we take these items and make them into something? Let me tell you! For instance, we compost and grind the leaves and grass, which creates garden compost. We crush all the concrete and asphalt, which makes a “recycled” gravel, to be used to fill in or level off an area. We grind the stumps and brush, making grindings. The wood chips that are dumped are sent up North to the burning plants for energy. Watch some of our videos of the material being processed!

Check out our new horizontal grinder!

Benefits are : can be used in smaller, more populated areas(less debris escaping machine) and can efficiently handle longer pieces of wood waste(logs). Great addition to be used hand in hand with our tub grinder. Here is Steve loading stumps/brush and turning it into chip!