Variety Of Materials

We accept a variety of products to be dumped and recycled in our yard. We take these products and process them into materials that are usable. When we recycle all these products, they have to be clean and free of any kind of debris (trash, glass, wood, etc.). We also ask that they be in separate piles to make processing easier. Everything that comes in must go out!
Here is a list of what we currently accept and what we do not!

We take:

  • Grass, Leaves, Hay
  • Brush
  • Fill & Stone (loamy material)
  • Concrete, asphalt, gravel

We do not take:

  • Railroad ties or any kind of lumber
  • Stumps
  • Clay
  • Trash
  • Brick

We reserve the right to decline a load that does not meet our standards.

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