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Brick, Stone & Concrete

We pride ourselves in offering the best selection of hardscaping materials, including brick and stone. Our knowledgeable staff have years of experience helping customers choose the perfect products for their hardscaping projects. We have a great indoor display and outdoor displays to help you see the products in person and help make the best decision for your project!

Concrete Pavers: We sell three different brands of pavers, all ranging in price to fit your project budget. Our three displays are outfitted with the most popular products allowing you to experience them in person! They each have pavers, walls and fire pit kits!

Veneer Stone: We sell three different brands of real natural stone veneer. Veneer stone is the perfect choice for fireplaces, chimneys, and front stairs going into your house! We have two displays inside showing different styles and colors!

Imported Granite: We import all our granite ourselves. We are able to cut out the “middle-man” so that we can offer you the lowest prices. We currently sell 5 different types of granite, and have everything from treads, pattern stock, steps and platforms.

Bluestone: We get our bluestone directly from the quarries in Pennsylvania, and carry everything from pattern stock, treads, standard steps and irregular steps. We carry four different options for bluestone.

We also stock S&H brick, fire brick, flue tiles, chimney repair supplies, rebar & angle iron!


What We Offer

Grey Granite

Salt & Pepper Granite

Blue Mist Granite

Blue Mist Granite

Emerald Granite

Emerald Green Granite

Bluestone Thermal Multi

Bluestone thermal finish MULTICOLOR

This bluestone is thermal ( smoother top) and is multi color(different tones of rust/orange/brown)

Bluestone Thermal All Blue

Bluestone natural cleft ALL BLUE

This bluestone has a natural cleft finish (textured top) and all blue in color

Natural Cleft Blue Multi

Bluestone natural cleft MULTICOLOR

This bluestone has a natural cleft finish (textured) and is multicolor(different tones of rust/orange/brown)

Natural Cleft All Blue

Bluestone thermal finish ALL BLUE

This bluestone is thermal ( smoother top) and all blue in color.

masonry & hardscapes

Farm Grey Granite

masonry & hardscapes

Grey Mist Granite

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