Farm & Nursery Walpole, MA

Landscape & Gardening Supply in Walpole, MA

Your local, family-owned, landscape and garden center. We have everything you need to enhance your outdoor living and it does not stop there! We take pride in providing quality products & customer service to meet all your needs. Contact us today!

landscape & gardening supply in walpole ma
landscape & gardening supply in walpole ma

Perennials, Shrubs, Soils, Seasonal in Walpole, MA

Whether you are planting a new garden bed, replacing worn-out shrubs, or looking to add something fun, our knowledgeable staff is always happy to help. The nursery also stocks gardening tools, plant-specific fertilizers, grass seed, composts, and insect/disease control. 

landscape & gardening supply in walpole ma
landscape & gardening supply in walpole ma

Kiln Dried Firewood Walpole, MA

We make all of our kiln dried firewood here on site in Walpole. With our new custom-built Kiln, firewood production has taken off. Our kiln can produce up to 12 cords in just 48 hours. The kiln burns wood chips as an energy source to dry the wood. As a company we do our best to recycle material, we use the brush and wood chips brought in from tree companies to create energy to run the kiln. Kiln Dried firewood has such a low moisture level, it is ideal for it to be stored inside a garage or in a shed to prevent it from getting wet. Shop today!

landscape & gardening supply in walpole ma

Bulk Stone in Walpole, MA

We offer many different types of bulk stones for any type of project! From washed utility stone to rounded decorative stone we have you covered!
We also can deliver any amount to your job or house!

  • 3/8″ Washed Stone Pea Stone (Multi-Color)
  • ¾” Round Decorative
    Stone (Multi-Color)
  • ¾” Washed Stone Natural Round Brown Stone
  • ¾” Blue Dense Grade.
  • ¾” Crushed Stone Mixed With Stone Dust
  • 1 ½” Washed Stone
  • 1 ½” Washed Stone, Natural Round Brown Stone
landscape & gardening supply in walpole ma

Homemade Mulch in Walpole, MA

All of our mulch is made right here in Walpole! That gives us the benefit of knowing exactly what goes into our mulch and we are able to keep it free from any fillers! We have a type of mulch for everyone. Whether you want all-natural or something with color we have you covered!

What are some benefits of using mulch?

  • Controls weeds
  • Retains moisture
  • Prevents soil erosion 
  • Polishes up garden
landscape & gardening supply in walpole ma

Soils, Sands, Screened Loam & Compost in Walpole, MA

We provide a variety of bulk landscaping materials to suit your project requirements. Our screened topsoil offers a base for lawns before planting, ensuring optimal growth and vitality. To enhance your flower and vegetable gardens, our compost is created from grass and leaves, offering nutrients for robust plant development. For landscaping tasks we offer concrete sand for foundational layers under patios or paths, as well as fine mason sand crucial for mixing with mortar in masonry projects.

landscape & gardening supply in walpole ma

Seed, Fertilizers, Hay, Shavings & Animal Feed in Walpole, MA

We carry Jonathan Green Grass Seed & Fertilizer and also have contractor mixes specifically blended for Southridge. We have seed blends for all sun conditions! 

Although it is sad news to lose an iconic landmark in Walpole, we are happy to welcome Tim Verrochi from Gilmores Inc to our team. We are striving to keep the tradition alive of providing hay, shavings, and grain for all of your animal needs. We currently stock 1st and 2nd cut Hay, Hancock shavings, Poulin Grain, Lizzie Mae Bird food and much more! We also deliver and offer discount ton pricing on hay. Call today for details or stop by and check out what we have!

landscape & gardening supply in walpole ma

Bulk Landscaping Materials Delivery in Walpole, MA

We are able to deliver all materials directly to you! Our different sized trucks allow us to accommodate any amount of bulk or palletized materials, as well as space accessible at your home or job site. Bulk material such as stone, mulch, etc. are sent out in one of our dump trucks. We have a delivery minimum of one yard for bulk material.

Palletized material such as pavers, wall block, brick, etc. is sent out on our Moffett truck. The Moffett truck is able to hold up to 14 pallets of material. The forklift on the back allows our drivers to unload and move pallets to where it is most convenient for you as long as the machine will fit!

landscape & gardening supply in walpole ma