Soils And Sands

All of our soils are made here on site!

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Screened Loam

Screened loam is screened to ½”. Ideal for lawns before seeding
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Compost is screened to ½”. Ideal for flower gardens and vegetable gardens
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Loam/compost mix is a 50/50 mix between loam and compost that is screened to ½”. Ideal for restarting lawn and gardens.
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Double ground leaf mold

Double ground leaf mold, also known as leaf mulch. It is the process before compost.
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Mason Sand

Mason sand is very fine, used to mix with mortar.
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Pipe Sand

Pipe sand is a clay-like sand, used for utility pipes.
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Concrete Sand

Concrete sand is very coarse, used to mix with concrete or can be used as a base layer for patios and walkways.
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