Here are the answers to some of our most Frequently Asked Questions…

How far do you deliver?

We will deliver any material to anywhere you would like. All of our deliveries come out of our South Street Location.

What is the minimum for delivery?

One yard is the minimum delivery order.

How do I know how many yards I will need?

The first step is to measure the areas that you need to cover. You need to measure the length and width, then decide how thick you want the material. Once you have those numbers, you can use our yardage calculator to get your total amount. The rule of thumb is that one yard of material will cover about a 10 x 10(100 square feet), 3” thick.

Can I hire you to spread my mulch, loam, or other material?

We are just a supplier of material to our customer. We supply homeowners and contractors, and do not want to compete with our contractors.  We can recommend contractors to do the work for you.

Do you stack firewood?

Unfortunately we do not stack the wood; we just dump it at your house.

What is the difference between seasoned and kiln dried firewood?


-Cut, split then left out to dry

– The sun and wind naturally evaporate the moisture out the wood

– 12-18 months of air drying

– 25%-30% moisture level

– Can be stored outside, under tarp

Kiln Dried:

-10%-20% moisture level

– The air is controlled in the kiln to circulate the air around the wood which maximizes drying

– The wood is dried at 180 degrees for about 5-6 days, to reach desired moisture level

– Must be stored inside a garage

Which location can we visit the animals at?

The animals are located at the 400 South Street Location, and love visitors!

What kind of treats can we bring the animals?

The animals can be fed carrots, or apples. If you have something else for them, check with Molly or Kelly to see if it’s OK first!

Need Loam or Mulch?

Use our handy Loam/Mulch Calculator to figure out just the right amount to order!

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