Crushed Stone vs Rounded

What is the difference between crushed and rounded?

Crushed stone has been crushed from a larger rock, can have a variety of color and has jagged edges. Compared to the round stone that is naturally rounded and shaped by moving river water.

Helpful Tips:

– For a high traffic area, it is best to use a crushed stone, this will create a more stable surface for walking or driving. For low traffic areas, the natural round stone is perfect, giving a more attractive, decorative look to your home.

– Choosing the color is the most important part, the colors can range from blues and grays to tans. The dark colors will attract more heat as a lighter color will create a cooler ambient area.

– Don’t install gravel directly on top of the soil, the weeds will grow through it.  You can prevent weeds from growing through by applying a weed stop fabric on the ground before putting down your stone. Weed stop fabric comes in a variety of sizes to help with any size project.

– Using gravel where there may be foot or vehicle traffic, it is best to use metal edging material to help keep the gravel in place.

– Don’t forget the edging to keep the gravel in place! Edging can be metal or plastic, or you can use larger rocks or cobbles as well

– Depth depends on how you are using the gravel

  • Lawn coverage – Using gravel in replace of a lawn, a thicker layer must be used to prevent weeds, bald spots and other issues. A two-inch thickness is the minimal that should be used when using gravel in replace of a lawn.
  • Mulch beds – Be sure to dig out 1-2 inches of old mulch before putting in gravel