Farm Aninmals

Southridge Farm (our 399 South St. location) is home to an array of farm animals. From bunnies to horses, we have it all! We welcome visitors, and so do the animals! Click on any animal to view a larger image.


Charisma is our newest addition! She is a VERY sweet mare that came to us recently. She has an awesome back story and belongs to one of our employees, Michael Dix and his family! She has settled right in and is already best friends with the boys!


Cheerio is a 10 year old Quarter Horse Gelding. He has a hoof disease called navicular, and is unable to be ridden. He has the goofiest personality, and will be sure to make you laugh!

Woody is a 12 year old Registered Appendix Quarter Horse Gelding. Molly competes with him in Cowboy Mounted Shooting, a western sport all throughout New England.


Foley “MooMoo” is our 6 year old Jersey/Short horn cross cow. She was destined for veal when she was a baby, and we traded her for a load of stone dust! She has flourished here, and thinks she is a dog! She loves fruit and hanging out with her herd.


Cinnabar is our 12 year old Llama. He has been on our farm for about 3 years now. He was shy and timid when we got him, but now he is super friendly and takes his job as the herd protector very seriously.


We have six goats here at the farm, all ranging in age and size. The newest goat is “Little Rick”, he is the white one. We also have about 20-30 chickens, including peacocks and duck.